Why are team building days so important?

Team building is all about bonding. It’s an escape from the usual working environment where your team has the opportunity to get to know each other better while having a little fun! But why are they so important for your business?

Improves communication

Within any organisation, communication is a vital factor and is needed to establish strong connections across teams within your business. Increased communication between individuals can help improve productivity and create a better working environment for you and your workforce.

Strengthens trust

When we are put into a new environment, especially one of fun and creativity, we often look to those next to us to share and voice our incoming experiences. This can have a rather magical effect on how trusting we are to our others. Team building days offers you and your team the ability to build trust with one another while participating in something new.

Increases Creativity

Any activity that involves problem-solving and creative expression can help to utilise the personal strengths of your team members, boosting creativity and innovation. This can help when it comes to generating new ideas within your business and can give your team a chance to really let their ideas shine.

Increases Confidence

Team building experiences are a great way of building confidence within a team. Hands-on experiences, such as our perfume blending workshop, are a wonderful way of increasing the confidence within a team and also individually. Letting your team make creative decisions within the workshop can give them the courage to voice their ideas with their team members more effectively.

Why choose Keyneston Mill for your next team building experience day?

Nestled within the peaceful Dorset landscape, where botanicals grow and scented blooms flavour the air, Keyneston Mill is the perfect location to bring your team for a fun and invigorating team building day. All of our corporate experiences are bespoke and are made specifically for your individual needs. We have an array of wonderful workshops to choose from and you can combine any of these to create your own, interesting experience.

Blending Workshop

Our blending workshop is a fantastic team building idea, with plenty of creativity and experimentation to be had. This very hands-on workshop gives everyone in your team the chance to combine different scents to create their very own, bespoke perfume to take away at the end! From juicy citrus top notes of peach and lemon and the earthy base notes of sandalwood and oak moss, there are so many fragrances to choose from and no end of combinations that your team can create.

Scent Discovery Workshop

This explorative workshop is a fantastic experience day for all. Unlock some olfactory memories and create some new ones while you take a sniff at the wonderful array of fragrances and ingredients we have at Keyneston Mill. From popular favourites such as lavender and frankincense, to exotic tonka bean and vetiver, there are some wonderful fragrances to get your nose into.

Behind the scenes tours

Once you’ve created your bespoke perfume, why not give your team the opportunity to learn more about the botanicals we grow and how we extract their scent with our guided tour of the gardens and distillery.

Private Scented Garden Tours

Discover The World Of Parterre Tour

Delicious dining options

As well as providing some scent-fuelled experience days, we can also provide you with delicious 2 or 3-course lunches, afternoon teas or even Christmas and themed lunches, all prepared by our very talented chefs at The Scented Botanist Bistro-Café.


Whatever your budget, we can help build and organise a fantastic corporate experience day for you and your team.

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