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Run Of The River

Refreshing citrus mingles with aromatic elements in this vibrant fragrance, softened with notes of orange flower and subtle shades of incense.


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Opening with a splash of refreshing lemon and lime mingling with aromatic elements of bergamot mint and lemon thyme.  These notes are layered on orange flower and juniper and linger on the skin with subtle shades on incense.

Inspired by the river that flows through the lush meadows at Keyneston Mill, home of Parterre, where the key ingredients are grown, harvested and distilled. A genuinely rare limited-edition, expertly crafted by our Master Perfumer in Grasse.  

Bergamot mint, grown on our estate, combines the subtleties of the citrus fruit with the cool and aromatic qualities of mint leaves.  Unusual, fresh and uplifting.


Bergamot Mint. Violet Leaf. Elemi


Orange Flower. Lemon Thyme. Juniper


Incense. Oak Moss. Matea