Gong Bathing – Sound & Scent Experience

TIME: 3:45pm arrival; 4pm start – 6pm
Gong Bathing is a relaxing and therapeutic experience in which the sound waves and vibrations of the gongs bring a deep sense of wellbeing and calm. No water is involved. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and please bring a blanket and pillow.
The Gong Bathing at Keyneston Mill will be led by Scania Price and will take place in our Dome, or in the surrounding garden if the evening is very warm. Before you settle, you can explore the wonderfully fragrant Collection Gardens, enjoying the natural scents and connecting to those which enhance your sense of wellbeing in readiness for the Gong Bath experience.
On reaching the Dome, you will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of essential oils.  You will then lie down with your own small capsule of distilled oil drops, before being bathed in sound waves – the vibrational essence of the gongs combining with the scent and allowing you to drift into a deeply relaxed state.
Scania will play the gongs for around 45-50mins and end with some softer sounds. These sounds drift into silence. After about 5 mins you are invited to come around in your own time, no need to rush or hurry.  You will then retrace your steps through the garden.

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TIME: 4pm arrival; 4:20pm start – 6pm
What is Gong Bathing?


The name refers to the effect of being bathed in sound which has a very therapeutic and relaxing effect – no water is involved.  Everyone responds in their own way, but the sound of the gongs helps to alleviate stress and induce a wonderful sense of peace and wellbeing.  Some people think of it as a form of meditation.


The session will start with a gentle stroll through the Scented Gardens where we encourage you to not only take in the beauty of the flowers, but also touch the petals and rub the leaves.  When you reach the Dome, you will be offered a choice of essential oil drops to enhance your personal sensory experience during the gong session.


You will remain fully clothed for the session, lying down to feel the full effect of the vibrations.  
What to Bring:


Blankets are supplied but you may want to bring your own
A pillow

A yoga mat or similar

Loose, comfortable clothing

Something warm to put on should the evening turn chilly

We request that you arrive promptly as interrupting the Gong Bathing is disruptive for others.  Thank you.
4.00pm Arrival – meet by the Bistro.  Walk to the Dome via the gardens.
4.20pm   Arrive at the Dome, choose a scented oil, lie down.
4.30 – 5.30pm One-hour Gong session with Scania. Return via the gardens.
If you would like to have lunch prior, we strongly recommend that you reserve a table at The Scented Botanist, Keyneston Mill. To book, call us on 01258 456831.
LOCATION: Keyneston Mill, Tarrant Keyneston, Dorset DT11 9HZ
TOTAL PLACES: 20 per session
Sunday 14th June
Thursday 2nd July
Thursday 6th August

6 Aug