Keyneston Mill offers a unique, intimate environment for your private party or dining experience. We offer tailored packages to suit your needs which can incorporate tours and workshops.
Pre-booked groups are welcome, and our standard offer for groups of 8 people or more includes entry and a 1-hour tour, but we are happy to provide a quote for your group’s specific requirements.
Keyneston Mill experiences can be tailored to your interest but include:
  • Behind the Scenes Tours of our Gardens, Distillery and Perfumery
  • Discover the world of fragrance with a tour of our gardens, distillery and learn how we create fragrance extracts.
  • Blending Workshops
  • An enjoyable, hands-on workshop for people who are interested in how perfumes are created and would like to try for themselves.
  • Scent and Botany Workshops
  • In other interactive workshops we explore various types of scent, unlocking some memories and creating new ones. All whilst sniffing different fragrances and ingredients – from frankincense to oakmoss. For those more interested in plants and gardens, we offer a hands-on exploration of the world of plants, and how they create fragrances. Activities are run throughout the year, and are both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.
Our dining options complement the Experience according to your requirements and include:
  • 2 or 3 Course Lunches
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Christmas or Scented Theme Lunches
We also offer other experiences including Cinema with Dining, Garden Tours  and Picnics.
Whether you already have a brief and budget for your next event, or you’re just putting together initial ideas, we can help.
Call our events teams on 01258 786022 or email us at

Rachel’s Hen Party – july 2020

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